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Schmand Weg Cleaner for Glass and Ceramic

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Bongs with percolators, chillums, diffusers and HoneyCombs – all well and good, but how to get these bongs clean again? And without these elements breaking? Quite simply and without the risk of breakage, this is possible with THE classic among the Bongreinigern, with ‘Schmand Weg‘! Depending on the degree of soiling (degree of soiling) and the size of the bong, pour in 1-3 tablespoons of ‘Schmand Weg‘, seal the kick hole and grinding hole with a plug if necessary and fill with hot water. Wait 10 minutes, shake and pour out. Rinse with hot water until the water is clear again. Possibly repeat the process. Done! The bong with percolator, chillum, diffuser, HoneyComb and the like shines again in a fresh shine and looks like new, without any effort. Smaller parts such as heads, screens, bangers, chillum, adapters, and so on are simply placed in a solution of ‘sour cream away‘ and hot water for about 10 minutes for cleaning – clean! 'Schmand Weg' is suitable for all bongs and pipes made of glass, ceramics and (non-anodized) metals. Not suitable for pipes made of acrylic or other plastics.